Cedar Point Classic East Coast Interior 2017-06-06T07:24:20-05:00

Project Description

Photographer: Jim Kruger
Scope: Interior Photography

Working with the architect and interior designer, our task was to provide storytelling imagery inside and out for this coastal lake home. Filled with bright sun-lit spaces we worked through our shot list timing each scene for the best light, styling with subtle additions to enhance the story. The family pooch was a little camera shy, but with a little coaxing, he acquiesced to posing in a few scenes to add a lifestyle element.

The lake home sits on a truly distinctive property located on a peninsula; every measure was taken to optimize views, sun exposure, and circulation between indoor and outdoor spaces. Classic east coast shingle-style was the bespoke choice for aesthetic, given the nautical nature of the site and the client’s program goals. The former Butlers House has been rebuilt to become a Boat House. The home and its program promote comfort, relaxation, recreation, and FUN.