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Welcome to the photographic team of Kruger & Huelskamp. Long-time friends and photographers who create exceptional architectural imagery.

We specialize in architectural, lifestyle, and food/beverage photography for luxury resorts, elegant hotels, and hospitality brands around the world. We understand your unique challenges: to position your hotel with the highest quality creative imagery, while also meeting the standards required by the hospitality brand and ownership.

Let’s start a conversation about your project. We’ll work with you to create beautiful architectural imagery that reflects the project’s unique challenges and solutions. Our final images will provide you with an exceptional portfolio which will give you a competitive edge in awards submissions.

KRUGER + HUELSKAMP bring two decades of experience uniting architectural composition and lighting with modern post-production editing to complete each image. The final image is a true representation of the architect’s intent and allows the viewer to experience the space.

KRUGER + HUELSKAMP has provided aerial photography service since 1995, shooting residential and commercial sites around the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. We have maintained a commanding presence in the field, providing both unmanned and manned aircraft aerial photography services.

You design the spaces where people love to be together, we create the images which tell the story of your design. Stadiums, arenas, ballparks all add to the vitality of the city and become a part of its history. We love patiently planning and creating photography depicting the great design of these cultural icons.

Kruger + Huelskamp work with firms who imagine new ways to solve the challenges of the built environment in Healthcare. Let’s collaborate on your current project. Tell us the story, what were the challenges and how were they overcome? We will then create imagery for your portfolio and awards submissions which communicate your vision.

Recently, a happy client explained that they originally hired us to photograph their brand new boutique hotel, not only for our high-quality architectural shots, but also because we create excellent food and beverage images as well. This helps with their overall budget and saves time.

HUELSKAMP has a wealth of experience working with residential architects, designers, and builders who trust them to create vibrant portfolios of their work.

For two decades, we have been exploring solutions to a variety of interior lighting challenges and can handle your space from light and bright to dark and moody all with an accurate representation of color and form.

Kruger + Huelskamp capture the heart of your retail or mixed-use project with dramatic dusk exteriors, aerial footage, and interior scenes depicting well-planned environments busy with patrons. Put our images to work for you.