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We thank the architects, builders, designers and others who have entrusted Kruger + Huelskamp to experience, interpret, and record their important work.

— Jim Kruger & Jon Huelskamp

Your team has invested a great deal of time, energy and money into making your project a success. It’s time to show the world the results of your labor. Let Kruger and Huelskamp capture your project in its best light. We’ll help you deliver the message you want to the clients that matter most.

With more than 20 years of architectural photography experience each, Jim Kruger and Jon Huelskamp have the passion and technical skills needed to create the images you need. They will utilize proper lighting, balanced composition and accurate perspective to cast your project in its very best light.

Put our images to work for your firm. Contact Kruger and Huelskamp today!

Jim Kruger | [email protected]
Jon Huelskamp | [email protected]

1100 Zane Ave N, Studio #3, Minneapolis, MN 55422